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You are here:Home > FRONTLOAD EXTRACTOR > 2 Speed Electronic Control, Mechanical Timer and P, S, or V Computer Models > Control Module - PC, PN and SN Models
1 F370529P Battery Adapter Board
2 F200025200P Door Lock Time Delay
3 F431100 Washer
4 F430211 Nut
5 F140423 Cover
6 F431022 Nut
7 F330217P RC Network Filter Includes F140627 Connector and F141022 Connector
8 F350110 Fuse
9 201415 Screw
10 F431108 Washer
11 F370426-1P Door Lock Relay CCA 120 Volt; PC models
11 F370426-2P Door Lock Relay CCA 220 Volt; PC models
12 F370225P Capacitor
13 F430917 Screw
14 F140612P Capacitor Mounting Clamp
15 F330227 Flange Relay 120 Volt
15 F330230 Flange Relay 220 Volt
16 F140912 Terminal Strip Insulator Decal 1-8
17 F430916 Screw
18 F140738 Terminal Strip
19 F140913 Terminal Strip Insulator Decal 9-16
20 F140914 Terminal Strip Insulator Decal 17-24
21 F430928 Screw
22 F140915 Terminal Strip Insulator Decal 25-32
23 F0606950-02 Electrical Panel Sub-Assembly
24 F340325P Water Level Switch HC18, HC25, SC18, SC25, UC18 and UC25 models without heat
24 F340311P Water Level Switch HC18, HC25, SC18, SC25, UC18 and UC25 models with heat
24 F340312P Water Level Switch HC27, SC27 and UC27 models with or without heat
24 F340337P Water Level Switch HC50, SC50 and UC50 models with heat
24 F340321P Water Level Switch HC35, SC35 and UC35 models with or without heat; HC50, SC50 and UC50 models without heat
25 F140916 Terminal Strip Insulator Decal 33-40
26 F431113 Washer
27 F370310 Bridge Rectifier OPL models
28 F141871P Input Harness Kit
29 F370554 Fuse Board 120 Volt; PN and SN models
29 F370450P Output Board CCA 220 Volt; PN and SN models
29 F370519P Relay Board 120 Volt; PC models
29 F610808 Relay Board 220 Volt; PC models
30 F140216P Ribbon Cable 120 Volt; PN and SN models
31 F350110 Fuse 1 Amp; Slo blo
31 F350108 Fuse 1/8 Amp; Slo blo
31 F350109 Fuse 1/2 Amp; Fast blo
32 F140249 Battery Backup Wire Harness
33 F191101 Battery

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